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My Team

Milford Coppock - Freelance Graphic Designer

Milford - works full time as an Art Editor/Graphic Designer in the games industry.  He also does Freelance Graphic Design and has produced the Rose Holistic Treatments logo, business cards and many leaflets and posters that have been used to promote various events and clinics.  


Hobbies: Regular gym goer, strength training, enjoys magazines and games/films.

Scarlet - Meet & Greet (2020)

Scarlet - a young, very friendly rescue cat. Runs to greet you when she hears the door knocker. Enjoys her food, has to have set mealtimes as food is gone in 5 minutes!  Happily chatters to herself, always around people, has to be involved. Checks her food bowl throughout the day just in case it has been re-filled.  Drinks water from her cupped paw.  Large, clumsy and completely loveable! 


Hobbies: Food (any type, not fussy), relaxation, being groomed, lying on the sofa.

Fifi on Blanket.JPG
Fifi - Office Support (2010)

Fifi - lively, friendly, has to be involved with everything. Sometimes will run to the door and greet you and make you feel very welcome.  Loves being fussed.  A rescue tortoiseshell from a difficult background who has come on leaps and bounds. A pleasure to work with and clients love her friendly cattitude!


Hobbies:  Fine dining, extreme sports, cat nip addict and thrill seeker. 

Poppy - General Support (2003 - 2019)

Poppy - older and wiser, likes to rest and have plenty of "Me-Time". Enjoys her food and was once described by local vet as "having extra padding" and has tried various weight loss programmes and exercise to no avail.  Rather shy, happy to look at people from a distance, but likes her own space. Very much part of the family, having had her from just 8 weeks old.  Sadly no longer with us and very much missed.


Hobbies: Comfort food (especially custard), relaxation, pampering, snuggling under duvets.

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