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Session Guidelines during COVID-19

Washing Hands

Prior To Your Session

Please read through carefully and contact me should you have any concerns regarding how the session will proceed:

The below changes form part of my Risk Assessment for practicing safely and are in line with the Government guidance, my professional association and insurance requirements and local council requirements.


COVID-19 Symptoms, Vulnerability & Risk

Firstly, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please postpone or cancel your appointment.


The main symptoms of coronavirus include:  a high temperature 37.8C or above, a new or continuous cough, a loss of sense of taste or smell.

I will be taking your temperature on arrival at your session but if you feel unwell on the day of your appointment or in the days leading up to it please postpone or cancel your appointment. 

Booking Your Session

Booking your Session

I will require all clients to book their session in advance either online or telephone.  Please allow 7 days from having a COVID vaccination and having a treatment.

Online Booking: On booking your session you will need to complete a Medical History Form. You will also be sent an automated reminder to revisit the Medical History Form 24 hours prior to your arrival.

Telephone Booking: Please call me (07860 559184) to check availability and we can then complete the Medical History Form by telephone or video call by arrangement.

Face Covering

Face coverings are optional, however for both our safety please wear a face covering to your appointment,


To maximise the hands on treatment time I ask that you either pay for your session at the time of booking or you are welcome to pay by contactless card on entrance to the clinic, however online payment is encouraged. I can take cash if you are not able to do the above and ask that you bring the exact money.

The Day of Your Session

What to Bring

Please bring water for after your appointment and your own face covering.

Getting Here

The clinic is at Rose Holistic Treatments, Avondale Road, Bath BA1 3EG. The full address will be provided on booking. Please note that Avondale Road is one way to traffic, please approach via Osborne Road (see map Travel & Directions). If you need any assistance with planning your journey here please contact me.

On Arrival

Please only arrive at the time of your appointment and knock the front door.


Please have your face covering on at this point whilst I take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer.


Entering the Clinic

Hand sanitiser is available for your use as you enter and leave the premises. Please practice social distancing and, where possible, keep 2 metres apart during the time in the clinic.

There will be a plastic box at the entrance for your coat and shoes.

If you haven’t already paid for your session I will take payment on arrival. I can take contactless card payment or the exact cash can be left in the box provided at reception. If you have private health care insurance you may be able to be reimbursed for your treatments. Check your policy or call your provider and please ask for a receipt to be sent to you after your session.


Entering the Treatment Room

The room will have been cleaned and ventilated before your visit and between clients. There will be a plastic box for you to place all your belongings in and this will be disinfected between clients. Please remove shoes and socks for reflexology and please undress to underwear for massage.



It is important that the treatment room is fully aired before and after each session.



The couch will be thoroughly disinfected between clients and as per usual there is a fresh supply of linen per client and the pillow is now wipeable with a fresh cotton pillowcase per client. All linen will be washed at 60C.


The session will commence as before, a lovely relaxing massage or reflexology treatment in a calm room, relaxing music and lovely aromatic oils or reflexology wax. I do ask that you keep your mask on throughout the session however when you are face down on the couch for massage you are welcome to remove your face covering. I do ask when you get up from the couch you put your covering back on to reduce the risk of any transmission.


End of Appointment

By this point you will be feeling nice and relaxed, I will leave you to change. Please also put your face covering back on and please refrain from touching surfaces or items unnecessarily. I will then disinfect and air the room fully and set up with new linen ready for the next session.

If there are any extra measures that you would like me to add please do let me know before your appointment and I will see if these can be accommodated.


After Your Session

Stay Safe & Vigilant

Please stay safe and be vigilant in terms of any signs or symptoms that you or someone close to you may have COVID-19. Please read the WHO Q & A on Coronavirus to familiarise yourself with the virus and what measures you can take to reduce risk.

I encourage you to always maintain social distancing, perform frequent hand washing and use of hand gel between sessions to reduce the risk of transmission and keep yourself and others safe. More information on staying safe can be found here: Government Guidance - Staying Safe Outside Your Home.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this far! I really am grateful for all your support. As you can imagine it has been a very difficult year emotionally, financially and in general so I am looking forward to returning to practice and seeing all my clients again.

Thank you for accepting all the changes that I have had to put into practice to return safely during the pandemic. I am sure you are aware from watching the news just how often the situation regarding COVID and government guidance has changed and I hope to return to some sort of normality despite having to implement these changes.

Ultimately your safety and my safety is paramount and I need to follow the above procedures. I hope that over time we can look forward to a future that is more positive and the above extra precautions will not be needed.

I look forward to welcoming you to my clinic and if you have any questions at all about your session please do get in touch by email or phone me. I am here to support you and you need to feel comfortable returning for your sessions.

Massage and reflexology has so many benefits, particularly for supporting clients through difficult times, and to help reduce stress and anxiety, so I encourage you to book an appointment and to enjoy some much deserved relaxation!

Please do follow me on social media as I announce all offers, last minute bookings and provide information that may be useful to you and also sign up for my newsletter here. 

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