Client & Practitioner Agreement


I have put this agreement in place to protect both our interests and my business. The agreement is between Anne-Marie Rose, Complementary Therapist and Founder of Rose Holistic Treatments and yourself, the client. These guidelines are necessary for me to provide the best possible service to you and to my other clients. 

Please take the time to read this before your session so you understand how we shall work together and ask if you have any questions. 


By signing the consent form before your massage session, you are agreeing to undertake massage therapy with me based on the terms outlined below:

1. Payment and Cancellation

1.1. Payment & Prices: Payment can be via Paypal at the time of online booking or card payment/cash on the day of your session.  Session prices are 30 mins £25; 45 mins £35; 60 mins massage £45; 50 mins reflexology £45.  Add on sessions are £10 for 15 minutes. I offer a special discounted rate for carers for reflexology at £25 for a 50 min session. Proof of carer status will be required. All sessions include a choice of complimentary refreshments. If you have private health care insurance you may be able to be reimbursed for your treatments. Please check your policy or call your provider and ask me for a receipt after your session.

1.2. Appointment Time:  Please arrive for your appointment at the time stated on your booking confirmation. As I do not have a waiting area if you arrive very early or wish to wait for your partner/friend then I recommend The Locksbrook Inn for tea and coffee, which is a 1 minute walk at the bottom end of Avondale Road. If you arrive late, the session can only continue until the end of the scheduled appointment time, due to the impact this would have on other clients who are booked in after you and you will be charged for a full session so please do allow plenty of time to get here.

1.3. Cancellation Policy – 48 hours: Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel your appointment without charge. Please cancel as soon as possible if you think you may be unable to attend, e.g. illness, adverse weather or other commitments.  Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged full price.

1.4. Rescheduling Sessions: If you ask to reschedule on the day of your appointment you will be charged the full session fee as I will not be able to fill the space at such short notice.  Please re-schedule your sessions at least 48 hours before the time of your appointment to avoid a charge.


2. Client Health

2.1. Initial Consultation and Disclosure of Medical Conditions: On booking online you will be asked some questions about your medical history. Please take the time to complete this thoroughly and tell me about any medical conditions, undiagnosed symptoms, medical treatment and medication.  If you are unsure as to whether you are able to have a massage please contact me at least 48 hours before your session and we can discuss in more detail. I may ask you to consult with your GP if necessary.  This is in order to give you a safe and effective treatment. Your initial massage session will take slightly longer as we will be discussing your medical history in detail. Please allow 20 mins for your initial consultation plus session time.  Please still arrive at your designated appointment time and no earlier.


2.2. Pregnancy: If you are pregnant then please contact me and I will refer you to a colleague who specialises in pregnancy massage as I will not be able to treat you myself. 

2.3. Illness & Serious Conditions: There are some circumstances when it is not safe to proceed with treatment, either for your protection or mine. Examples include a suspected blood clot (thrombosis), circulatory conditions, severe headache, high temperature, heavy cold, cough, flu, sickness or upset stomach. If you feel unwell before an upcoming appointment, please cancel or reschedule your session.  As I see many vulnerable clients please do respect this.

2.4. Skin Conditions: I may not be able to treat specific areas of your body, if I think that doing so poses a risk for either yourself or me. Examples include open wounds and skin infections.  Please let me know at the consultation if this applies to you so we can incorporate this into your treatment plan.

2.5. Clients With Disabilities: If you have any disabilities or support needs, please discuss these with me as soon as possible. This will enable me to make provision for you, or to refer you to another practitioner if I am unable to meet your needs.

2.6. Mobility Issues: Please note that my current clinic location is on the second floor of an old building which is accessible only by two flights of stairs, with the upper most stairs curving around, with no hand rail available near the top. There is a bathroom on the first floor.  Therefore if you have mobility issues I would recommend that you visit a clinic that is more suited to your needs and is accessible.

If you do not let me know about your support needs in advance of your treatment, I may not be able to provide for you. I would need to charge you the full treatment fee to cover my costs.


2.7. Referrals To Other Practitioners: If I think you need medical investigation or treatment which I cannot offer, then I shall refer you to another medical or complementary health practitioner, as appropriate. I shall be unable to treat you if I think that it is in any way unsafe for me to do so.

2.8. Referrals From A Medical Practitioner: If you are referred to me by your GP or another practitioner, then the referring practitioner will remain responsible for your treatment. If I am concerned that my treatment may not be safe for you, I may need to speak to the referring practitioner first. If I am still unsure whether my treatment is appropriate for you, then I cannot accept your referral. Client safety is the top priority.

2.9. Intoxication: Please ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of your treatment. If you are, then I shall be unable to treat you, both for your protection and mine.

3. Confidentiality

3.1. Confidentiality & Disclosure: All information which you give me is kept strictly confidential. All written notes are only accessed by myself. There are exceptional circumstances when I may need to disclose something which you have told me. This would be if there was any risk of harm to you or someone else, or if I should need to provide legal evidence.

I shall always seek your consent and co-operation first. I may be able to avoid disclosure by encouraging you to seek further help or advice. If I cannot gain your consent, but remain seriously concerned for your safety or someone else’s, then I may have to disclose the information to an appropriate professional without your consent.

3.2. Third Party Attendance: If you need to bring someone else with you, please discuss this with me first as there is limited space in the clinic room.  Unfortunately the clinic layout is unsuitable for children so please make alternative arrangements for when you are having your treatment. You may wish to have your mobile on during your session in case you need to be contacted by the child minder and you are welcome to do so.


4. Vulnerable Clients

4.1. Children under 16 years: Children are welcome to receive treatment, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

4.2. Vulnerable adults: Adult clients who either lack the capacity to give informed consent, or who need support to make decisions, must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during the treatment.


5. General Conduct

5.1. Personal Hygiene: Please take a bath/shower before your treatment and wear clean clothes. You are welcome to leave the massage oils on your skin overnight subject to no irritation. Should there be any issues please shower immediately to remove the oil or wax.  Do not sunbathe if you have massage oil or wax on your skin as you risk getting sunburnt.

5.2. Respect: It is important that we have mutual consideration and respect for each other and towards everyone else in the clinic. This creates a nurturing and safe space. If a client’s behaviour causes discomfort or offence, then we would unfortunately need to discontinue treatment. 

5.3. FHT Accredited Register: I am listed on the FHT’s Accredited Register and abide by the FHT Code of Professional Conduct. I offer a professional massage therapy service and cannot accede to inappropriate requests so please do not ask. Clients that breach this code of conduct will be asked to leave the premises immediately and if sessions are pre-paid no refunds will be given.

5.4. Clientele: The clinic is set up to treat women and I will see men by referral on the understanding that the clients behaviour remains professional and respectful at all times. During these sessions there will always be another person on the premises and sessions can only be booked on this basis.

The therapist has the right to end the treatment sessions at any point and does not need to give any explanation.  If you do not feel that I am the right therapist for you, you are not obliged to continue with your sessions however please abide by the 48 hour cancellation period to allow me time to refill your space.

6  What To Wear
6.1 For massage you will need to undress to your underwear and be covered by a soft throw throughout the session, with only the relevant area being massaged being uncovered as the treatment proceeds. For reflexology, loose comfortable trousers that can easily be turned up to the knee are perfect.


7. Pets

7.1. General:  I have two cats on the premises which are not allowed to enter the treatment room.  If you have a severe allergy to cats then I would recommend that you find a therapist that does not have animals on site and I would be happy to recommend another practitioner.

7.2. Assistance dogs: Due to having two cats on the premises I am afraid that dogs cannot be accommodated.  I would be very happy to refer you to a colleague that can help so please ask.


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