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Testers Needed For "Mummy & Me Time"!

Everyone looks forward to a pampering session and I would love to trial out a new idea for mothers and daughters to spend some time together and both have a relaxation session. The child must be 8+ in order to get the most benefit from the session. The "Mummy & Me Time" session would be based on the following: 1 x 20 Minute Back Massage or Reflexology for your daughter. 1 x 30 Minute Back Massage or Reflexology for mum. How The Session Will Work:

A very friendly cat will greet you both on arrival and make you feel very welcome!

Once in the cosy treatment room, your daughter will have her treatment first and will remain fully clothed whilst lying comfortably on the massage couch, then covered by a soft throw the back massage will begin using gentle effleurage strokes through the soft throw. Gentle music will play in the background whilst mum sits and relaxes with a cup of tea on the futon behind the couch and reads a magazine or book. After 20 minutes your daughter will swap places and sit on the futon whilst mum has a relaxing back massage or reflexology session. There will be quiet activities for your daughter to do whilst mum is having a massage, such as colouring in or reading (items provided!). The cuddly zebra and cuddly dog will keep your little girl company whilst you are having your half hour session. The whole session will be approximately an hour by which time you will both be leaving feeling relaxed and content. I would love a few people to book in and try this out and offer suggestions to make it a lovely experience for mothers and daughters to spend some time together so I would like to offer three "Mummy & Me Time" sessions for only £10 total (RRP £30) and receive feedback and suggestions during/after the treatment. If this works well I would also like to introduce this for World Reflexology Week at the end of September. My 9 year old niece created this package, tested it out this morning, absolutely loved it and is so keen for me to try it out for other mummies and daughters and report back to her! To book in please call me on 07860 559184 or email I will try and get a personalised booking link set up so that online bookings can take place and any forms completed before your visit.

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