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Holistic Therapist Magazine held our first Holistic Business Awards this weekend on the 4th of October at Olympia Beauty’s Health and Wellbeing stage which was sponsored by Holistic Therapist Magazine. The awards were a huge success leaving winners and runners overwhelmed with emotion. Our Holistic Business Awards are all about recognising those who TRULY deserve to be recognised for all the hard work, passion, tenacity and vision to truly make a difference doing what they love.

We invited a panel of respectable, unbiased and equally passionate industry leaders with a wealth of personal experiences to judge the process which was described by one judge as one of the most difficult decisions they have had to make. Our judges were David Balen of Balens insurance, Marylin Glenville of Glenville Nutrition, and Liz Badger of Face the World.

The Holistic Therapist Magazines Director Jayson Firmager and operations Director Vicky Killick were overwhelmed by the applications that came in which crept into the hundreds. Reading through the applications many brought a tear to the eye of our team which confirmed to us that the Holistic Business Awards approach to erradicate voting systems and implement a true and fair judging system which acknowledges those incredible individuals for what they have come through and achieved, regardless of the size of their social media reach and/or budget which allowed those previously forgotten to truly shine.

We commend you all, Winners, Runners up and shortlisters. You are all an inspiration to the industry, us and those around you. Congratulations

The winners, Runners up and shortlisters are as follows:

Best Practitioner 2015

Student of the Year 2015

Winner: Lindsey Butterfield

2nd Place: Tom Rigby

Best Training School

Winner: Sue Lincoln – Therapy Training Centre (Award collected on behalf of Sue Lincoln) 2nd Place: Jenny Holcombe – The Bowen Technique 3rd Place: Mark Peters – Balanced Approach (Award collected on behalf of Mark Peters)

Best New Business 2015

Winner: Mary Murphy – The Human Touch 2nd Place: Anna Watson –The Natural Health Finder 3rd Place: Denise Christie – Health and Harmony Spa (Award collected on behalf of Denise Christie)

Star Product 2015

Winner: Carol May – The Comfy Client 2nd Place: Lee Henderson – Alert5 (Award collected on behalf of Alert5) 3rd Place: Helen Mary Perkins – Bowtech Ease

Inspiration Award 2015

Shortlisted Finalists (in no particular order)

Please take a moment to recognise all our shortlisted applicants. From hundreds of entries these final few were shortlisted because they too deserved to win. The judges could of course only choose one 1st place and two runners up. All those on the list are exceptional and have touched each and every one of us here at Holistic Therapist Magazine.

Cheryl Andion Zuleikha Assenjee Abhnash Bains Ann Ball Katherine Barrett Kate Beddow Clare Blake Heather Booker Sophie Brace Vicki Cameron-Davis Dawn Cawthra Gregg Chapman Angie Crowther Karen Dunn Donna-Louise Dutton Kerry Edgar Anna Everett Chloe Gold Rebecca Hogan Precious Jason Sylwia Labecka-Czarnik Elizabeth Lee Mary Lobo Lisa Mansell Diane Marchant-Brown Tracy Mason Nicolle Mitchell kyte Munay Deborah Neville Brenda Oxlee Fiona Partridge Hollie Payne Hayley Pearson Susan Quayle Cleo Rod Mike Romano Karen Short Wendy Stirling Dee Stringer Daphne Struve Joanne Sutherland Hernan Valdivia Sarah Williams Amanda Woodhead

A special thanks goes to Vicky Killick, who was instrumental in organising the awards, Carl Newbry from massage world, Louise Pitt from Neals Yard Remedies, and Steve from Viridian Nutrition.

We thank you all for entering The Holistic Therapist Business Awards 2015 and hope that you will join us again next year!

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