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Why do people book a massage?

There are many reasons that people book massages. Below is a summary of the main reasons:


The top reason for booking a massage is to relax.

Stress Relief

Stress and its associated conditions is a very common problem so massage therapy can help release tension.

Improving a condition

People who suffer from stiffness and pain can often get significant benefits from massage. Clients that have come to me that have desk jobs have greatly benefited from a back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension in that area. Just a short 30 minute massage session has been shown to be of benefit if time has been short.

Social interaction/Talking to Someone
Sometimes my clients just want to come for a session and talk. Although as a therapist I recommend just relaxing and listening to the soft music and drifting into a relaxed state whilst lying on the massgae couch, if the client prefers to talk then it is their space and time and sometimes just having a listening ear is enough to reduce stress and anxiety alongside the massage or reflexology session.
Dealing with a serious health issue

Although massage therapy cannot cure, regular massages can have a very beneficial effect on some serious and chronic diseases.

Health Maintenance

The health benefits of massage are well known. Massage may help with relaxation, improve mood, aid sleep, release tension and promote a feeling of well-being. Many people realize that a regular routine of massage sessions can play an important role in maintaining health and well-being and it is of benefit to incorporate regular sessions of massage or reflexolgy.


Massage feels amazing! A good massage or reflexology session can make you feel wonderful afterwards. Looking at the testimonials that my clients have kindly written since I started really summarizes the benefits of treatment. Sometimes just the simple act of booking a massage or reflexolgy session lifts the spirits! It is great to see that appointment in the diary, knowing that it is your time to relax and take care of yourself.

If this has now made you want to book a massage or reflexology session with me then bookings are available at my home clinic in Newbridge during the afternoons, evenings and Saturday mornings and also at The Nourish Centre, Gay Street, Bath on the 1st Thursday of every month.

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