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Mothers Day - how to choose the perfect gift!

Mothers Day, 6 March 2016 - one day of the year that we can really show our appreciation for our mums and everything that they do for us!

How to choose the ideal present

What to choose? There are lots of lovely gift ideas out there so what you choose really depends on what does your mum like? What hobbies does she have? How does she like spending her spare time? Does she enjoy reading? If so then a good book is always welcome. Or would time spent just being in each others company be sufficient?

What about meeting for coffee and cake (or gin and tonic?) and catching up? There are many little coffee shops in Bath that are well worth a visit.

Is your mum in need of some relaxation? If life has been stressful recently then maybe she would benefit from a relaxing massage session or some gentle reflexology? It is amazing how time out of a busy schedule gives one the time to re-focus.

I would like to offer a lovely idea for mums of all ages and have put togther a package that is not only a treat for your mum, but also aims to offer increased health benefits by helping her to relax, feel pampered and enjoy the many benefits that massage can give, such as reducing muscle tightness and helping reduce tension and stress.

All Mothers Day Specials include the following:

1 x 1 Hour Massage (this can be taken as 2 x 30 Minute Sessions if preferred)

OR 1 x 50 Minute Reflexology Session

Complimentary refreshments and consultation

Bouquet of flowers

Box of Belgian Chocolate Seashells


This offer runs for appointments booked between Thursday 3 March - Saturday 12 March 2016 inclusive.

Please note: All appointments on Thursday 3 March will be at the lovely Nourish Nutritional Centre in Gay Street, Central Bath and currently I have late afternoon / early evening appointments available on this day.

Appointments on Friday 4 March to Sat 12 March will be at my cosy home clinic.

Instant Booking

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