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The Real Reason Massage Therapists Take Your Medical History

Did you know that before you have your complementary therapy treatment all therapists must get some background information from you concerning your current state of health and your medical history? You may wonder why we do this especially as you are keen to jump straight onto the massage couch and begin your session - as a trained and competent therapist myself, I need to find out more about you so I set aside time to discuss your past medical history, medication, any current problems, past accidents or injuries, your lifestyle and your goals for the session and how best to work with you to get the treatment outcome you require. I usually allow about 20 minutes if this is your first visit, and subsequent consultations will be shorter.

As an example, say I have a client come to me but isn't really sure what they want out of their massage session. Maybe they've had problems sleeping, or lots of tension in their neck as working at a desk all day, maybe they have difficulty switching off from every day worries or concerned about the person they care for.

Whatever the reason, we would discuss this before the session starts and then I will outline my plans for the session and what to expect, what areas I will work on and also show them a couple of different massage oils or waxes so they can choose one they like. This is also a great time to ask any questions. Then once in agreement and we have signed off the treatment plan, the session will start, clear in the knowledge that we both know what to expect and my client can enjoy their session knowing that they are in safe hands.

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