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Ten Top Tips - Keeping Cool In A Heatwave

It has been a hot few weeks hasn't it? How have you managed in the heat? Have you had to change your routine or other things? Here at Rose Holistic HQ we have found it rather hot! So you may be wondering how it is massaging during this heatwave - fret not - for I temporarily relocated to the ground floor where the air is cool, the fans are on, the water is chilled and it is a lovely space to have a treatment! If you are overdue your next monthly massage or reflexology session then get in touch. Here are some of my top tips of how I am keeping cool to share with you and please feel free to add to them! #Top Tip 1 Keep cool by drinking chilled water throughout the day. #Top Tip 2 Keep rooms cool by closing curtains and open sash windows at both the top and bottom to circulate air. #Top Tip 3 Run your wrists under the cold tap to cool down. #Top Tip 4 Have a cool shower before bed. #Top Tip 5 Wear loose, cotton clothing and sandals where possible. #Top Tip 6 Enjoy cool salads and refreshing drinks - although apparently eating a curry cools you down! #Top Tip 7 Walk around s.l.o.w.l.y - don't get hot and bothered! #Top Tip 8 If you are going for a run or need to walk the dog, set your alarm early and go when it is cooler - your dog and your body will thank you for it! #Top Tip 9 If you can finish work early or take time out to sit in the shade with a cool drink and a book then do it - this heatwave won't last so make the most of it! #Top Tip 10 Keep a cool drink on your bedside cabinet overnight and sip as required.

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